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How To Remove A Broken Door Handle On A 147/GT

Door handles are prone to break, on the later models if just the hinge is broken you can replace that alone but you still have to take the whole handle off. This is a How To for the left hand front door on a 147. For removal of the door card please refer to our How To Remove The Interior Door Card

Cut back the adhesive membrane foam,

enough to get to the back of the door handle.

Undo the three screws to the internal release bar guide.

Unclip the guide,

and pull out.

Undo the 10mm nut holding the door handles broken hinge via the access hole.

Through the opening to the window regulator, using a screwdriver prise out the exterior door handle release bar from the handle.

Undo the T30 (Torque) bolt securing the handle.

Slide what's left of the handle slightly LEFT to release it.

Mask the door to protect the paint then by applying downward pressure to the top of the spring pivot (that connects to the release bar) carefully pull the remains out.

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