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How To Remove The Front Wiper Motor and Linkage On An Alfa 147

The wiper motor linkage is prone to breaking on the drivers side where the wiper arms plastic mount joins the metal stabiliser bar. Part number is 50501304

Lift the boot then the protective covers on the wiper arms.

Undo the 13mm nuts.

On the passenger side pump the arm down a couple of times (it will spring back up) to loosen the fitting to the wiper linkage so that you can remove it. The drivers side is broken so you may have to tap the head of the bolt.

Remove the caps to the side scuttle screws and undo.

Remove the other x5 T20 (Torx) screws securing the scuttle.

Tug the passenger side off (secured with push fittings)....

....then the drivers side.

Unclip the wiper motors electrical connector....

....and undo the x3 10mm mounting bolts for the linkage, you can now remove the part.

This is what the offending culprit looks like!

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