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Alfa 156 Headlight Dip Beam Bulb Replacement

First you need to open the bonnet, the release is on the drivers side under the dash.

Next you need to remove this outer cover, on the left hand side of the car it is best to unscrew the inner wheel arch cover to give more access.

Turn the cover anti clockwise to release it.

Unplug the connector on the back of the bulb.

Move connector "A" out of the way and you now need to undo the clip that retains the bulb. If you look at the picture you will see two loops at each end of the clip, to release you need to push them gently forward and then away from the bulb, towards the sides of the headlamp unit.

Now you can remove the bulb, part number 14145090, take note that the tab on the bulb is EXACTLY vertical at the top and both the terminals are one one above the other. If you get this wrong the beam pattern will be incorrect. To refit the bulb reverse the process above.

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