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Removing The Auxiliary Belt, Tensioner And Top Idler On An Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 1750 TBi

You need to remove the auxiliary belt to replace or access a number of parts. This 'How To' is based on the 159 1750 TBi.

Auxiliary belt 51855784
Top idler 51815020
Tensioner 51773551

Remove the right hand front wheel to allow more working space.

Remove the 6mm allen bolt, x3 T30 (Torx) and x2 Phillips screws to the corner section of the undertray...

....and pop the corner out, this will allow you room to remove the wheel arch side panel or if you intend to do more extensive work then take the whole of the undertray off.

The side panel is held on by x2 T30 screws (and x1 Phillips that has already been removed underneath).

Using a 15mm ring spanner on the auxiliary tensioner idler bolt, push the spanner clockwise to release the tension from the belt.

You can lock the tensioner by placing a small pin or nail in the retaining holes. The tensioner is held on with a T50 bolt.

If you've locked the tensioner the belt will hang lose below the top auxiliary idler which is held with a E10 bolt (an 8mm spanner will suffice).

The auxiliary belt can now be easily pulled off. This is how it's routed.

If you're on this page because you need to change the power steering pump then go to .....Replacing The Power Steering Pump On A 159/Brera/Spider 1750 TBi.

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