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Replacing The Power Steering Pump On A 159/Brera/Spider 1750 TBi

Most of the time it's the power steering reservoir that plays up but on the odd occasion it's the pump. This 'How To' is on the 159 TBi.

Power steering pump 51879792

To take the auxiliary belt off first go to 'Removing The Auxiliary Belt, Tensioner And Top Idler On A 159/Brera/Spider 1750 TBi', there will be a link at the bottom of that page to bring you back here.

Pull off the engine cover.

Unclip the intake pipe at the x4 places shown in this picture.

Unclip the inlet pipe to the power steering pump, oils going to drain out so make sure you've placed a waste catch underneath the car. when it's drained push the pipe to the side out of the way.

Now's a good time to cover the inlet to the turbo to prevent anything accidentally being dropped down there. Undo the 22mm banjo bolt to the power steering high pressure pipe (note there will be x2 copper washers attached).

Undo the x3 E10 bolts to the rail holding the high pressure hose...

....unclip the breather pipe and its connector then push the pipes aside out of the way.

Undo the x2 10mm bolts to the plastic cover of the pumps pulley.

Using a 6mm allen key socket, push it through a locating hole in the power steering pumps pulley and align into one of the pumps mounting bolts, this will lock the pulley....

....while you undo the x3 13mm bolts.

Undo the x3 6mm allen bolts to the front of the pump....

...and a really tricky to get to 13mm bolt on the back.

You can now pull that pump out.

Put it all back together (you may want to put new washers on the high pressure pipe) and fill up the reservoir with power steering oil.

Turn on the ignition and give the steering wheel a few full turns both ways to pump the oil through. Check the level (it should of dropped), top up and repeat the process until the level stabilises.

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