You looking at me.....?

The Shark Fins come drilled for fixing.

Shark Fin side skirt....cue the Jaws theme.

Carbon Fibre Contributions To The Alfa 4C

A customer visited our workshop willing to depart with their hard earned for the affections of the 4C.

They already had a firm idea of what parts they wanted and what parts they just needed to take a peep at from behind a velvet curtain but when we started bringing out door cards and a central console tunnel in glorious carbon fibre you could physically see that firm idea of theirs melt and salivating begin.

We worked together discussing and marrying up what was practical for now, what wasn't really needed and although the door cards looked amazing, what couldn't be justified for the money. There was also the little problem of dealing with hiding the receipts from their better half.

It was decided that the front 'lip splitter' and the 'shark fin' side skirts was just enough carbon to compliment the already elegant lines of the 4C and stood well against the colour of the body.
Pictures courtesy of the owner.

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