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A Guide To Fitting An oil Cooler Kit To An Alfa 4C Gearbox

You'll need cable ties and to work out the best routing for the hoses and wiring.

Screw the adaptors into either end of the gear box oil cooler.

When assembled we attached our oil cooler to the under tray.

Take the hose with the two 90 degree elbows and connect one to the left end of the oil cooler.

Replace the gearbox filler bung with the oil cooler filter adaptor then screw on the other end of the elbowed hose.

The hose with 180 degree elbow goes on the right end of the oil cooler. Screw the adaptor and the straight end of the hose into the left side of the pump.

We fitted the pump to the side skirt support rail just in front of the left hand rear wheel.

Screw the straight end of the last hose and adaptor into the right side of the pump.

Replace the gearbox sump bung with the new sump adaptor (using PTFE tape to seal) then attach the end of the 90 degree hose.

This is the additional wiring loom for the oil pump.

Connect the loom plug to the plug on the pump.

This is the earth connector.

We drilled a hole and threaded it into the metal rear sub frame.

Connect the x2 spade connectors to the switch.

We mounted the switch underneath the gearbox.

This is the piggy back blade fuse.

Pull out a 10 amp blade fuse and replace it with the piggy back. Put the 10 amp fuse in the bottom along with a 20 amp (for the pump) at the top of the piggy back as shown in the picture.

The wiring loom has a 30 amp relay.

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