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Upgrading The Intercooler Hoses On The 4C to Samco Hoses.

Samco hoses speak for themselves. Samco hose kit TCS654 and clips TBHC6






If you would like to book yourself in for this upgrade, the price in our workshop is £417.18

Undo the T27 (Torx) screws and remove the under tray.

Undo the clip for the hose from the turbo...

...and the clip at the other end to the link pipe. On newer models the hose may also be glued to the link pipe.

Swap over the protective heat wrap and clip up the new Samco hose.

Undo the clip from the link pipe...

....and the one to the intercooler.

Replace with the new hose and clips.

Undo the last x2 clips at the top of the intercooler and the inlet manifold.

Replace the hose and fasten the jubilee clips.

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