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Topping Up The Levels On The 4C

Topping up the screen wash, brake fluid and oil levels

Screen Wash. On the right hand side infront of the scuttle there's a mesh panel with four Philips lock screws.

Here resides the screen wash bottle. Remove the cap connected to the level indicator tube and pull aside (extract completely if needed).

With the aid of a funnel and hose top up the bottle until it dribbles out the neck.

Brake Fluid. On the left hand side infront of the scuttle there's a plastic panel with two Phillips lock screws.

Hiding is the brake fluid tank. Remove the cap and with the aid of the funnel and hose again top up to the correct level.

Engine Oil. Pull the boot release lever on the drivers side.

Secure the boot lid in the open position with the sophisticated boot prop.

Allocate the yellow dip stick in the upper right hand corner of the engine bay.

Wipe the dip stick and replace, remove and check the level. Repeat again for a true reading.

Unscrew the oil filler cap,

and top up with the recommended oil.

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