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Replacing The Bushes In The Gear Selector Plate On An Alfa 147/GT/156 Twin Spark Or JTS

Corrosion builds up around the plastic bushes which crushes the bushes causing gear selection to feel stiff. The corrosion needs to be honed out and the bushes replaced or you could just replace the whole part. Gear selector plate 46759824 or bushes (you need x2) 46467103.

The gear selector plate is located down at the back of the gear box. Pinch the x2 orange tabs on the end of the gear cable connected to the ball end of the linkage pivot bolt to release it. If the gear cable has the standard metal fitting then just prise it off.

This is the troublesome bolt that needs to come out.

On the damper arm undo x1 13mm bolt and loosen the other so that you can swing the arm aside.

Undo the 17mm nut to the pivot bolt on the selector plate.

Tap out the pivot bolt (note the link rod to the top of the gear selector shaft under the boot slips off of the pivot bolt).

Clean any build up of corrosion from the bolt with 'wet and dry' sand paper.

Prise out the old bushes.

You can just make out the corrosion that's built up under the bush.

For cleaning out the corrosion we're using a specialised honing tool with a nut on the end so it'll fit a socket on a socket extension powered by an impact wrench (you can use a socket hand wrench instead).

Adjust the honing tool to the correct diameter and run it through.

Lube the bushes and pivot bolt when you reassemble.

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