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Replacing The Clutch, Concentric Slave Cylinder, Flywheel and Rear Main Oil Seal On An Alfa 159/Brera 1750 Tbi

When replacing the clutch you also need to change the concentric slave cylinder. Check the flywheel for play and also the rear main oil seal for leaks. Parts are clutch kit 55226906, slave cylinder 55558917, flywheel 55214646 and rear main oil seal 55268285

First off, to remove the battery and tray go to 'Removing The Battery And Battery Tray From A 159/Brera'

Undo the 13mm bolt to the earth strap.

Clamp the hose leading to the concentric slave cylinder, lift up the retaining clip then pull out the hose.

Prise the gear cable ends off of the gear selector arm.

Undo the x3 13mm bolts to the gear cable bracket (you only need to take one out as the bracket slides from under the other two).

Pull off the engine cover.

Unclip the x2 hoses on the bracket to the air intake pipe, undo the x2 5mm allen bolts holding the pipe to the manifold and lever out.

Undo the 5mm allen bolt for the air intake pipe to the gearbox bracket then undo the 13mm bolt holding the bracket to the gearbox.

Disconnect the breather pipe to the vacuum pump and move aside.

Unclip the pressure sensor to the air intake pipe and cable tie the pipe away from the gearbox.

Undo the x2 E12 bolts to the gear selector arm then pull the arm out of the gearbox. Block the hole so nothing gets dropped down there.

Undo the 13mm nut and x2 13mm bolts to the brackets for the coolant rail and cable tie the rail up to the thermostat. Now you can undo the x2 18mm bolts to the top of the bellhousing.

At the back of the engine undo the top x2 13mm bolts to the starter motor.

Loosen the x3 E18 bolts to the gearbox top mount (you can eventually take them out from underneath the car).

Go to our 'How To' on Removing The Drive Shafts From A 159/Brera to remove the drive shafts......obviously!!

The next 'How To' page to visit is Removing The Front Sub Frame From A 159/Brera.....I'll let you find out what that one covers!

Undo the remaining bottom 13mm bolt to the starter motor.

Cable tie the power steering rack and pipe out of the way.

Unclip the reverse sensor.

Support the engine under the sump and take some of the weight off of the mounts.

Undo the last x2 18mm nuts and x2 15mm bolts to the gearbox housing. Reach up and undo the already loose x3 E18 top gearbox mount bolts. The gearbox can now be removed.

Undo the x6 T40 bolts to the clutch cover and remove the clutch.

Undo the x6 R13 (Rib) bolts to the flywheel.

There's x7 T40 bolts to the rear main oil seal.

Prise the oil seal off.

Before fitting the new oil seal apply some silicone sealant along the bottom.

To take out the concentric slave cylinder undo the x3 T30 bolts.

Pull up the outer securing clip....

....then prise apart the top and bottom spring clip holding the slave cylinder nipple.

When reffiting the flywheel the locating hole needs to align with the pin on the crank.

For filling and bleeding the concentric clutch cylinder please refer to our 'How To' Replacing A Clutch Master Cylinder On A Brera/Spider and 159.

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