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Replacing The Front Brake Pads And Discs On An Alfa Giulia 2.0 (280hp)

We would recommend using GENUINE brake pads as they come with new spring clips and pins.
Brake pads 77367677
Brake discs 50532932



If you would like to book yourself in the price of this service in our workshop is £324.00

Remove the inspection pannel to the brake fluid reservoir.

Unscrew the cap (this is to release the pressuse when the pistons are pushed in).

Remove the front wheel.

Tap out the x2 securing pins.

Undo the x2 T55 bolts holding the brake caliper.

Disconnect the brake pad 'wear indicator' sensor.

Using two levers prise in the pistons (the caliper should now be loose).

Undo the 5mm allen disc locating lug.

Remove the old brake disc....

....and the old brake pads.

loosely screw back in the calipers T55 bolts (this is just to hold the caliper while you clean it).

Clean the caliper with a wire brush and even a file if you need to.

Clean off the hub.

Push the spring clip in place.

Lube the ends of the new brake pads.

Replace the first pad and then the securing pins just far enough to hold it in place. Insert the second pad and drive the pins all the way home.

Remove the x2 T55 bolts to the caliper again then slide the new disc into the caliper and onto the hub. Put every thing back together and proceed to the other side.

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