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Replacing The Stop And Start Sensor On A MiTo

To replace the stop and start switch the exhaust centre tunnel needs to be removed. This 'How To' is based on the 1.3 diesel engine.

Stop and Start switch 55256125


If you would like to BOOK yourself in the price of this repair in our workshop is £144.00

Unbutton the top of the gear stick gaitor.

Unclip the gaitor.

Disconnect the connector and slide the bottom part from the bracket.

Using a fastener removal tool prise off the x4 'open push-on fasteners' to the exhaust centre tunnel....

...and Undo the x4 13mm bolts.

Remove the centre tunnel (the gear cable housing underneath will now also be unbolted).

Unclip the bottom of the housing by pressing in the side tabs.

The stop and start sensor is secured by a plastic hinged 'snap shut' clamp. Using a plastic trim removal tool prise open the clamp.

On the bottom of the cables plastic covering is a lug...

....which falls into the cut out furthest right. The clip on the slide bar fits into the recess on the cable.

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