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Replacing The Rocker Cover Gasket On A CF3 Twin Spark Engine.

It's the same principle for removing the rocker cover gasket on a CF2 twin spark engine except there's no top lambda sensor and only x3 securing bolts to the coil pack rack. This 'How To' is on a 147 1.6 TS, gasket is part 60655592

Unscrew the oil filler cap and undo the x4 T40 (Torx) screws to remove the engine cover.

Unplug the lambda sensor and air compressor connectors in the front left hand corner of the engine bay (facing the car)....

.....and unclip the wire loom from the x8 securing clips.

Undo the x4 T40 screws holding the coil pack rail.

Pop off the x4 HT lead caps from the spark plugs...

....and pull the coil pack rail off and place to your right side out of the way.

Unclip the variator solenoid wire from the rocker cover.

Unclip the x2 breather hoses.

Undo the T40 rocker cover screws....

....all x9 of them....

....and pull off the rocker cover.

Wipe clean the contact area on top off the engine and make sure when refitting the gasket to the rocker cover that the screw sleeves are properly pushed through the locating holes of the gasket.

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