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Thermostat Removal On A 2.0 JTS

When cutting the clips off of the hoses you can simply replace them with jubilee clips. Remember to use coolant that's the same colour as what comes out unless you are doing a flush. Parts needed are a thermostat 60676066, coolant & jubilee clips. This How To is based on a GT.

Unscrew the x4 5mm allen key bolts on the engine cover.

Undo the oil filler cap and remove the engine cover. You can replace the filler cap at this point to prevent anything being dropped down there.

Undo the top of the flexi hose at the inlet manifold....

.....and the bottom to the air flow meter.

Detach the top breather hose.

Cut/remove the clip connecting the radiators top inlet hose to the thermostat.

Place a drain pan underneath the engine to catch the coolant when you pull this hose off.

Undo the rear clip to the heater matrix hose.

If there's still a yellow locking tab on the thermo sensor (this one doesn't) pull it out and unplug the sensor.

Unclip the top overflow hose.

Unbolt the top and bottom 13mm bolts that hold the thermostat.

You can now twist the thermostat to reach the last bottom hose clip.....and remove the thermostat.

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