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Removing The Coil Pack, Spark Plug & Air Filter On A MiTo 0.9 Turbo

With only two spark plugs to be had it's half the work. Air filter 51881024, coil pack 55234131 and spark plug 55242187

Undo the x2 10mm bolts to the engine cover.

Unclip the turbo intake hose.

Pull the cover forward to release the rear bung then up and backwards.

Undo the x6 7mm screws underneath the engine cover...

....then lift the lid off and take out the air filter.

To replace the coil pack undo the 10mm bolt.

Pull the yellow locking clip outwards...

....then disconnect the connector...

...and pull off of the spark plug.

To undo the spark plug use a deep 16mm socket.

Extract the plug with a magnetic rod.

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