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Removing The Spark Plugs, Air Filter & Coil Pack On A MiTo 1.4 16 Valve.

This may also apply to the 8 valve model. Parts needed are four spark plugs 55190788 air filter 51775340 and coil pack 46777288.

If you just want to change the air filter and do the plugs another time then undo the three 7mm bolts to the front of the plastic housing.

Release the bung connected to the inlet pipe,

and the air filter lid swings down.

Otherwise undo the two 10mm bolts to the air box.

Unclip the manifold inlet hose at the air box.

Free the air box from the top rubber bung.

Release the push clip on the intake hose and remove the air box, while it's off you can change the air filter.

Unbolt the four 10mm coil pack bolts,

the earth wire,

and the 13mm coil pack rail. You can now pull the packs off of the plugs and move the coil packs out of the way. If any of the packs need replacing just unclip them.

Undo the two 10mm shield bolts.

Undo all four spark plugs with a 16mm socket,

and extract them.

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