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Changing A Left Hand Differential Seal On A MiTo 1.4

This is based on the 1.4 16 valve 78hp model. Left hand diff seal 40004620 and gearbox oil 14921616.

Take off the front left hand wheel.

Remove the undertray.

Undo the 12mm allen filler plug for the gearbox....

...and the drain plug.

Drain the gearbox oil into a suitable container. When doing the drain plug back up use a little Loctite.

Undo the 16mm hub pinch bolt to the lower wishbone...

...and crow bar out.

Pop out the short drive shaft by the cup.

Undo the x4 13mm bolts on the shaft housing.

Remove the diff seal carrier from the housing.

Knock out the old seal....

....smear a little silicone around the new diff seal and evenly tap it in.

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