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Giving The MiTo & Giulietta 1.4 Multiair Turbo An Oil & Filter Change

Lift the bonnet and unscrew the oil filler cap.

With a long reach 27mm socket undo the top of the plastic oil filter housing (it's down there somewhere).

Remove the oil filter and housing cap.

Remove the undertray screws and then the undertray.

Undo the 17mm sump plug...

.....and drain the oil into a suitable container.

Check the old washer isn't stuck to the sump then replace the sump plug and a new copper washer

Replace the old sealing ring on the oil filter housing cap and the filter with a new one.....

....then screw back into the housing.

Pour in the recommended oil and quantity then replace the filler cap.

Start the engine briefly to circulate the oil.

Extract the dip stick.

Wipe, replace then pull it back out to check the oil level. Repeat again to get a defined reading, if low top up until it reads maximum.

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