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Replacing The Cam Belt On A Giulietta/MiTo/500X 1.4 TB 170hp Multiair

This How To is based on the Giulietta and may differ to the Fiat 500X slightly. Parts needed are a cam belt kit 71736717, cam locking tools TB122 and a vacuum pump gasket 55233645.






You can BOOK your car in or just look for a QUOTE for this service on the 1.4 MiTo, Giulietta or Fiat 500X.

Remove the engine cover from its push fixings.

Undo the two 10mm bolts to the expansion tank.

Unscrew the expansion tanks cap to release pressure and unclip the return hose. Use one of the bolts as a bung, screw the cap back on and arrange the tank away from the engine mount below.

Undo the three 10mm side cover bolts but leave the cover in place.

Unclip the top hose from the turbo intake pipe.

Undo the three 10mm diaphragm bolts,

and remove the hose to it.

Unclip the hose to the vacuum pump.

Undo the five 10mm bolts holding the surrounding bracket (one connects to the manifold intake hose).

Unscrew the 7mm jubilee clip to the intake hose.

Remove the three T45 (Torx) bolts to the vacuum pump (when replacing the vacuum pump use a new crush gasket 55233645).

Unscrew the eighteen T27, five phillips screws and six 10mm bolts to the undertray.

Remove the two T27, one screw and one 10mm bolt to the wheel side cover.

Using a 13mm spanner on the end of the auxiliary belt tensioner push and hold down (clockwise) in order to release the tension on the belt so you can slip it off of the pulleys.

Undo the three 13mm bolts on the bottom pulley.

Use a jack under the sump to release the weight on the engine mounts, then undo the three 18mm nuts on the side engine mount...

...and three 15mm bolts.

Undo the five 13mm bolts for the engine mount bracket. Now remove the cam cover and pull out the electrical hosing that runs along inside the top.

Rotate the crank driving gear to align the locating lug with the locating hole on the crank locking tool (circled)...

...and bolt in place.

When you bolt on the cam locking tool the locating pin...

...should fit into place.

Undo the 13mm cam belt tensioner bolt and remove the old belt.

When replacing the new belt first loosen off the cam shaft pulley. Tack the new tensioner into place, put on the new belt and tighten up the cam shaft pulley bolt.

To tension the cam belt tensioner when on the engine, use a pair of nose pliers (leaving access to the middle bolt) to rotate the tensioner anticlockwise until the two marks arrowed align, then fully tighten the bolt.

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