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Alfa Romeo Giulia restoration, the chassis in bare metal

Our Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider 101 Restoration Project so far:
1. Starting Point
2. Stripping to body shell
3. Removal of the sills
4. Repairing roll over bar holes
5. Repairing the chassis
6. The 101 in the metal (this page)
7. The 101 in paint


The Chassis has now been taken right down to bare metal and we have started to apply a thin coat of filler to the boot lid

Everything has been removed from the car and treated with hot Zinc spray to protect it.

The interior has also been Zinc sprayed and then a layer of stone chip applied to the floor to help protect it from scratching when you get in or out of the car.

The boot floor gets a coat of stone chip on top of the Zinc as well to stop it getting scratched.

The front of the car in the metal

Drivers door

Passenger door

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