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Removing The Alternator From An Alfa 159 1.9 JTDM

The alternator is located and extracted from the rear of the engine.
WORKSHOP TIME 1hr 15mins




If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this repair in our workshop is £393.00

Undo the locking wheel nut and 17mm wheel bolts, then remove the wheel.

Unscrew the x2 T30 screws to wheel arch side cover and the x1 Phillips screw underneath.

Undo the lower E18 bolt and the upper 18mm nut to the side bracket.

Using a 15mm spanner on the auxiliary tensioner, push it clockwise until the two locking holes align then place a small drill bit through the holes to secure it. Now take off the auxiliary belt.

Undo the bottom E18 bolt to the alternator.

Disconnect the battery terminal.

Remove the engine cover.

Disconnect the inlet fuel line to the fuel filter.....

.....and the outlet connector to the . Release the retaining clip below.

Undo the 10mm nut to the fuel filters securing strap.

Unplug the electrical connector at the base of the fuel filter....

.....and remove the filter.

The top alternator wire is held by a 8mm nut, the bottom wire a 12mm nut (on replacement units the bottom nut can be 13mm).

Undo the bottom E18 bolt to the alternator then the top one to the bracket.

You can now remove the old alternator.

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