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Alfa Romeo 159 and Brera timing chain replacement

If your 159 or Brera has the engine management light come on and it says you have a fault with the camshaft timing this may well be the way to deal with it. Starting at the top of the engine remove the power steering reservoir, cam cover and coil packs

Remove road wheel and engine undertrays, once these are out of the way it is time to take off the axillary belt and tensioner.

Undo rocker cover to get at camshafts

Support engine and then remove engine mounting on cam chain end of engine. Behind the engine mounting is the cover that you need to remove to undo the top of the timing chain slippers.

Undo camshaft "phaser's", you need to do this to remove the chain then remove the cam chain tensioner from the rear of the engine.

Remove bottom pulley and timing chain covers.

Remove both cam chain slippers and replace before fitting the new chain. (Cam Chain Kit)

Fit the new timing chain using the timing marks on the timing chain and on the crank pulley.

Timing mark on camshaft phaser.

Re assemble using the reverse procedure.

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