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A guide to fitting blocks to the front suspension of the 4C

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The spacers are a simple fit, the silver and gold ones are for the top wishbone, with the silver spacer at the front and the gold spacer at the rear.
The blue and black spacers are for the lower wishbone with the blue spacer at the back (rear of car) and the black spacer at the front of the wishbone. DO NOT remove any shims from their present positions leave them exactly where they are. You can get these instructions on your mobile device using the QR code on the right of the screen.

Fitting instructions

Jack car up and make sure it is properly supported, the jacking points are indicated by small arrows on the sill, if you dont have access to air tools make sure you loosen the wheel nuts before you do this.

Remove the road wheels

Undo top shock absorber bolt and remove it, pulling the top of the shock absorber out so it misses the chassis.

Undo the top wishbone to chassis securing bolts, if you use slight downward pressure on the disk hub assembly you can get the socket in more easily.

Pull shock absorber top mounting away from the chassis

Jack up the outer ball joint and the wishbone will come off easily when there is no torsion on the bushes.

Remove the existing black spacers and fit the new gold spacer on the rear mounting point and the silver spacer on the front mounting point. Re fit the upper wishbone, but only with the nuts finger tight and leave the wishbone away from the chassis so the top of the shock absorber can move up and down.

It is best to undo the small bit of undertray under the lower wishbone first and just pull it down to get more clearance to work in.

Next undo the lower wishbone securing bolts and again get the wishbone level so there is no torsion on the bushes and the wishbone will come off easily.

Remove the silver blocks but LEAVE THE SHIMS in place. If you have already added shims to the lower wishbone these need to be removed to get you back to Alfa Romeo's standard settings. You can add a couple of shims both FRONT AND BACK to increase the camber if required but the nylock nut should have some thread showing through it when it is torqued up.

Replace the silver blocks with the new ones, the blue block goes at the rear of the car and the black one goes towards the front of the car. Refit the wishbone's (dont forget the top wishbone is still loose) and undertray. Then refit the top of the shock absorber.

Replace wheels and lower car to the ground, torque wheels up.

Set tracking as specified in the further technical information section below. You need to log in using the loyalty card you received with your parts.

NOW your car will handle correctly.

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