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Suspension setup for the Alfa 4C

Setting up the Alfa 4C

First you need to set up the car on a perfectly level floor, in this case we are using tables to level the car. It is extremely difficult to find a floor that is made level as nearly all workshop floors have a fall on them.

Now you need to record the data from the corner weight gauges, a camera is always very handy for this!

Next we need to work out the motion ratio, the ratio between how much the wheel moves and how much the shock absorber moves.

This gauge is measuring the movement of the shock absorber.

Now this data is fed into a laptop which calculates the suggested spring rates. No close ups here I am afraid!

Next its off with the Shocks and make them into a kit of parts to change the spring rates to the correct specification.

The front shocks get the same treatment, its time to make them into a pile of bits.

Then its off to the dyno.

and check that the shock absorber is performing as expected.

Next we need to drain the shock absorbers in order to make any adjustments.

then we need to fit all the suspension back on the car, making sure everything fits as it should, making sure this tab washer does not touch any of the shiny new parts.

Once every thing is back on you need to set the car up correctly.

Now we have tried a number of settings on the car and this is when that experience pays off to get the car handling perfectly.

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