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Replacing The Drivers Window Console Switch On An Alfa Brera/Spider

Replacing the window switch console is quite simple once you've removed the two 5mm allen key bolts from the pull to handle.
Window console 156067230





If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this repair in our workshop is £189.00

Undo the x2 5mm bolts to the interior 'pull to' handle.

Remove the handle.

With the aid of plastic tools, lever the window switch console out (if you brake any of the four securing tabs it doesn't matter).

On the bottom of the console, press in the tab and pull down the securing clamp. Now unplug the switch.

Plug in the new window switch console. To fit (ensuring that any of the broken tabs have been removed) just push the console down into it's recess until it clips in firmly then bolt the handle in place.

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