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Replacing The Handbrake Cable On A GTV/Spider

If the plastic sleeve to the cables are worn or cracked they will let in water, during cold weather the cables freeze and the handbrake holds on. Cable part number 60626919.

Undo the handbrake gaitor.

Slaken right off the 13mm adjusting nut.

Pull both the handbrake cable sleeve ends out of the bracket to give play to the cables.

Remove the end of the cable which you want to replace from the cable splitter.

Unclip the cable from it's under carriage clip...

....the clip by the anti roll bar bush....

....and the spring pan.

Release the cable nipple from the braking arm and push it out through the hole in the bracket.

Once you have replaced the cable tighten the 13mm adjusting nut so that when the cable is at rest the braking arm should sit on the 'stop' and lifts on the first click of the handbrake.

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