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Removing The Window Regulator From A GTV/Spider (916)

This 'How to' is based on the LEFT hand window regulator on an early Spider without the 'drop down' micro switch.

Prise off the speaker cover with a trim removal tool.

Undo the x4 Phillips screws to the speaker...

....and disconnect the wires.

Behind the speaker is x2 4mm Allen bolts to the door card.

Undo the x2 4mm Allen bolts to the door pocket.

There's x2 more behind the pocket at the bottom.

The last 4mm is by the door release lever.

Undo the x2 3mm Allen bolts on the opening edge and x1 on the mirror interior triangle cover (rotate the mirror cover anti clockwise to release).

Run a length of gaffer tape along the the outside of the window and seal, this will hold the glass up while you dismantle the regulator.

Using a trim tool lever out the door window switch.

Disconnect it...

....and undo the 5mm Allen bolt behind it.

You can now lift the door card off of it's mounting points. Unplug the tweeter, puddle lamp and disconnect the door release cable.

If you can, carefully pull away the door cards membrane to expose the regulators mounting points, if you can't then use a sharp blade to cut the bonding.

Plug the window switch back in and wind down the window mechanism until you can access and undo the x2 8mm bolts shown in the picture (the window glass should stay in place).

If you put your hand inside the hole for the speaker, at about 11 O'clock you should be able to find and disconnect the plug to the window regulator. On the 'drop down version' there should also be a connector for the micro switch to the wiring loom where the tweeter connects. Undo the remaining x6 10mm bolts and the window regulator should be free to remove.

On this occasion the glass was slipping because the teeth were worn.

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