Alfa Romeo Brera

The following are introductions to some the Alfa Brera maintenance tasks and are intended to give an informative indication of the work involved, rather than an exhaustive instruction. We would, of course, always suggest you take your vehicle to an Alfa Romeo specialist, but if you're doing your own maintenance, you must always use a model specific workshop manual, and rigorously follow all safety advice contained within it.

We will building up the list of items covered over the next few months.

Jamie Porter's Alfa Romeo Brera Fault Diagnosis Guide

How to find the chassis number on an Alfa Romeo
How to change the wiper blades on a Brera or Alfa 159
Alfa Romeo Model Identification

Brakes & steering
Replacing the wheel bearing on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera
Alfa Romeo Brera/159 Front Brake Pad Change

Replacing the clutch master cylinder on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera.

How to change an engine cooling radiator on an Alfa Romeo Brera or 159

Replacing the EGR valve on a JTDm engine
Repairing and Alfa Romeo JTDm with broken cam belt
Alfa Romeo 159 and Brera timing chain replacement
How to change the cam belt on a 159/Brera
How To... Cure Squealing Brakes
JTD Cam Belt Change Guide

Replacing the oil filter on an Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTDm
Replacing the air filter on an Alfa Romeo 159/Brera
Changing the oil and filter on an Alfa Romeo Brera or 159 2.0l JTDm
How to replace the fuel filter on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera
Changing the oil and filter on a Brera or 159 2.2JTS

Direct fuel injection systems on motor vehicles
Direct injection petrol engines
Description and operation of a turbocharger
Alfa Romeo handbooks
Dual mass flywheels and how they work
Alfa 159 Brera Fixed Price Servicing
Alfa 159/Brera Diagnostics
Brera S conversion kits, uprated shock absorbers and springs, 19" wheels and sports exhausts
Alfa Romeo Brera S
New Alfa Romeos
Car Registration Letters
Alfa Romeo in America
The Alfa Romeo JTD engine
159 Brera Service Schedule
Getting the best out of your Garage
Servicing Alfas under warranty

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