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Replacing front brake pads and disks on a Giulia

This is a quick guide on how to replace the front pads and disks on a 105 series car

Remove wheel, on early cars with brass wheel nuts the left hand side of the car will have wheel nuts that undo clockwise!

Using a suitable punch remove caliper pins, catching the anti rattle clip as you remove the punch.

Remove brake pads, If you dont need disks, push the caliper pistons back at this point, making sure they move freely and the cut out is at the top, copper slip the back of the pads carefully and then reverse the process above at this point.

If you are changing the disks, undo the caliper retaining bolts

and then carefully support the caliper

Prise off the bearing end cap carefully

Remove split pin from bearing and undo securing nut, the nearside undoes anti clockwise and then remove the hub assembly from the car.

Undo the two screws that secure the disks and remove the disks from hub, clean up the mounting face on the hub but do not put any grease or corrosion proofing on it and then mount the new disk

Grease the front wheel bearing

Reassemble using the reverse of the procedure above making sure you adjust the front wheel bearing correctly

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