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Replacing the rear parcel shelf retaining clip on a GT or 147

This is an easy job that anyone can do, however there are two ways of doing it, the easy cheats way or the more complex "replace the whole trim panel method", it is your call. Either way you have to buy the whole panel as the clip is not available separately.

First off we will do the "cheats" way, remove parcel shelf and fold rear seats flat.

looking from the front of the car you will see the clip sits in a slot, at the base of the slot is a tab, lift this upwards and slide the whole clip towards the front of the car.

Remove the clip from the new trim using the same method and slide it into the slot in the car until the retaining clip clicks into place, job done.

Or you can replace the whole panel, as before remove the parcel shelf and fold the seats flat.

Remove the three screws that retain the panel, then carefully prize out the two retaining clips to the rear of the panel.

Next disconnect the boot light or the socket depending on which side of the car you are working on.

On the off side of the car push the clip at the rear of the lamp forward and then the lamp comes out.

On the nearside the lighter socket is extremely difficult to remove and I would not advise it to be taken on lightly, you have to push the two green tabs (shown in picture) outwards at the same time to remove the inner metal insert.

Then push the inner lining out

Once the insert has been removed you can then remove the green outer trim

From now on you simply reverse the procedure to refit the panel

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