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How to change a GTV/Spider/145/146/155 wheel bearing

How to change a wheel bearing on a 916 GTV/Spider/145/146/155

Remove road wheel, remember that you need to make sure the vehicle is securly supported and if you haven't got a nut gun you will need to loosen the wheel nuts on the floor

Remove the brake caliper taking note of where the wire clip on the outside of the caliper goes (round the inside of the carrier)

Remove brake pad carrier

And remove brake disk

With a chisel undo locking tab on drive shaft nut, remembering on reassembly you need to tap it back over

Undo track rod end and ABS wire from car, we find that it is nearly impossible to get the sensor out of the hub so disconnect it from the body

Remove lower ball joint and then the two bolts that secure the hub to the shockabsorber

Press out wheel mounting flange, once this is done you will almost certainly have to remove the inner bearing race from the flange, this is best done very carefully with a grinder, taking extreme care not to damage the hub.

Remove retaining circlip

Press out the wheel bearing using a suitable drift. once this is done reassembly is the reverse of the instructions above, however when you are refitting the wheel mounting flange remember to support the back of the bearing so you dont push it out

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