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Cam Belt Change Guide on Alfa Diesel Engines

This is quite an ‘easy’ one to change by Alfa Romeo standards, if a little tight on the five cylinder engines.

Remove right hand road wheel

Support car, remove right hand wheel and under tray.

Remove the upper engine steady bar

Remove the upper engine steady bar.
Remove crank pulley.

Remove auxiliary belt

Remove auxiliary belt, note that the adjustment is on the idler in front of the drive pulley not the tensioner behind the drive pulley. There is also a rubber insert in the centre of the drive pulley and this has a tendency to fail causing a rattling noise either when cold, on full lock or with the air conditioning on.

Remove auxiliary belt idler

Remove auxiliary belt idler

Remove front cam belt cover.

Remove front cam belt cover.
Remove rear cam belt cover.

Remove engine mounting

Remove engine mounting. You can now remove the cam belt, however before you do this, align the only timing mark on the cam pulley with the cut in the cover, marks are indicated.
Now remove the cam belt, tensioner and idler.
Fit the cam belt tensioner and idler back on the engine. (Cam belt kit)

Alfa Twin Spark Cam Belt direction arrows

The cam belt now has to be fitted with the arrows showing the direction of rotation....

Cam Belt cam shaft alignment pulley marks

....there are two lines on the belt and the top one lines up with the marks on the cam pulley....

Alfa Romeo cam belt alignment on crank pulley

....while the other one lines up with the mark on the crank pulley.
The pump requires no alignment as it is just a pressure pump.
Tension the belt.
Correct tension is indicated when the arrow on the tensioner lines up with the hole in the tensioner’s body.
Turn the engine over 2 complete turns.
Reassemble in the reverse order.

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