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Changing the front lower wishbone on a 4C

See our 4C specific web site for more info on the 4C

Jack up car carefully and remove front road wheel, it is essential that you jack up the car using the correct jacking points to avoid damaging the chassis, this is more relevant for the front jacking point where the jack is directly on the carbon tub. Once the car is up in the air and safe undo the outer ball joint nut and then use a proprietary ball joint splitter to remove the wishbone from the upright.

Undo anti roll bar link

Undo the 4 nuts that secure the wishbone to the chassis and remove the wishbone.

When the wishbone is removed check the number of shims and position of the shims that adjust the camber and make sure that they stay in the correct position and are fully in place especially on early cars where the shims are fitted from below

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