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Alfa Romeo lower ball joint replacement on 105 series cars

This is a quick guide to replacing the lower ball joint on a 105 series car

Remove wheel using a decent length bar, it makes it a lot easier

Undo lower ball joint

Split lower ball joint using a propitiatory ball joint splitter and then lift the ball joint out of the front suspension upright, here we are using a gear box jack. The further out you put the jack the easier this will be, remember this jack has to take all of the power of the road spring so be careful! Make sure you have lifted the joint part way out of the upright.

Undo the nut for the shock absorber and pull the shock absorber off the stud, then undo the two bolts that secure the lower ball joint.

Now you should be able to remove the ball joint by pivoting it upwards and then outwards.

Check that the new joint is the same and then to refit the joint simply reverse the process.

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