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How to replace Alfa Romeo MiTo front brake pads & discs

Alfa MiTo Maintenance Guides > Replacing MiTo brake pads and MiTo brake discs

1. First job is to loosen all the wheel nuts while the vehicle is on the ground, DON'T remove them yet. Next you need to jack the MiTo up and support it safely on axle stands. If you do have access to a ramp that will make the job easier.

2. Now you can remove the road wheel.

3. Undo the calliper to slider retaining bolts.

4. Ease the calliper off the brake pads.

5. Then carefully remove the calliper and support it some where so the flexible brake pipe is not under strain.

6. Remove old brake pads, if you are not replacing the disks skip to stage 15

7. If you intend to replace the brake disks you need to undo the slider for the brake pads and remove it.

8. Undo brake disk retaining screw.

9. Remove the brake disk, sometimes this may require a sharp tap with a hammer.

10. Clean up the disk mounting surface.

11. Clean the protective coating off the new brake disk.

12. Fit new disk, the contact faces should be clean and free from any contamination.

13. Clean up the surface of the brake pad carrier where the brake pad is in contact with it.

14. Re mount the carrier on the hub.

15. Making sure you protect the calliper from damage push back the piston

16. Fit the new brake pads, the surfaces in contact with the carrier should be coated in copper grease, be very careful not to get any contamination on the friction surfaces. make sure you fit the anti rattle clips back in.

17. Slide the brake pad wear warning wire back through the calliper and secure the calliper to the sliding pins in the carrier.

18. Re fit the wear wire correctly (this is only on the right hand brake calliper).

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