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Alfa Romeo Model Identification

This is a beginners guide to model identification of an Alfa Romeo. The first and most important thing to realise is that through the years there are many models that share the same title, so a spider (convertible) can be any car without a roof from 1910 until today and a GTV (Grand Turismo Veloce) is also a common model through the years. I often get asked if I know something or other about a spider (usually red!) and the first thing we have to find out is which one it is so:-

Alfa Romeo Brera Spider

This is a Brera Spider

Alfa Romeo 916 Spider

This is an Alfa 916 spider

Alfa 105 Giulia Spider

This is a 105 series Giulia Spider, there are 4 variants of this model. The easy way to tell is the scallop down the door.

Alfa 101 Giulia Spider

This is a 101 Giulia Spider, note chrome strip goes across the bonnet

Alfa 2600 Spider

This is a 2600 Spider, this has twin stacked headlamps

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

This is a 750 or Giulietta Spider, note chrome strip goes down bonnet

And for GTVs...

Alfa Romeo GTV

This is a 916 GTV

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

This is an Alfetta GTV

Alfa Romeo Bertone GTV

This is a Bertone GTV

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