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Alfa romeo Giulia rear brake pads and disk replacement

A quick and simple guide to replacing the rear pads and disks on a Giulia

Remove road wheel, be careful as the nearside of the car may have wheelnuts that undo clockwise on early cars. Then using the correct size pin punch remove thapad retaining pins, making sure that you catch the anti rattle clip

Carefully remove the rear brake pads, if you only need to replace the brake pads at this point you make sure that the pistons move back freely and then you copper slip the rear of the new brake pads and refit the new pads using the reverse of the procedure above.

To replace the disk you must now remove the rear brake caliper and support it carefully, thaking note not to kink the brake pipe

Unscrew the disk retaining screws

Now check the handbrake shoes, if these need replacing push the retaining fastner in and twist either way yhrough 90 degrees in order to release it.

Then use a screw driver to lift the shoe off of the retaining plate and then unhook the springs from it

Clean up the back plate

Refit the handbrake shoes and cables

Fit disk and adjust the handbrake through the access hole using a wide blade screwdriver until they are correctly adjusted and then work your way back through the process above.

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