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Alfa 159 and Brera dashboard warning lights

Seat belts are undone, please fasten them!

Fault on the braking system, either the front brake pads are nearly worn out or you have lost some brake fluid. Remember that the brake fluid reservoir also feeds the clutch hydraulic system so check that for leaks as well!

You have a fault on the anti lock braking system (ABS) the system has turned itself OFF! Usually this is a fault with one of the sensors but it can also be a problem with the control unit or the wiring as well.

The traction control light if this flashes while you are driving then the car is spinning one of the driven wheels. If it comes on and stays on the traction control is switched off. In snow or ice when it is extremely slippery it is worth turning the traction control off, the button to do this is behind the gear lever.

Cruise control light.

The air bag system has a fault on it and the air bags are turned OFF. In the event of an accident the air bags WILL NOT DEPLOY if this light is on.

The engine management light, when this light is illuminated the engine management system has detected a fault, this could be a sensor an actuator or the control unit itself.

Water in the fuel filter, this is not common in the UK, drain the water out of the base of the filter.

Glow plug light on diesels on cold mornings this light should be allowed to go out before starting the engine. If the light flashes you probably have a glow plug that has failed however occasionally it can need the control unit which is situated next to the fuel filter.

Brake pads are worn or you are low on brake fluid.

No oil pressure, switch off engine immediately and check oil level and top up as required, if that doesn't work get the car recovered to a garage.

The battery is not being charged by the alternator, this is not a fault with the battery it is a fault with the alternator.

Oil level indicator each section is just under 0.2 of a litre so don't panic if the gauge drops by one section!

You engine is overheating switch OFF engine, do NOT remove the coolant filler cap as the water in the tank is over boiling point and will burn you. Wait for the engine to cool down and then top up carefully. Once you have got some new coolant into the system you need to find out why the car overheated, has it got a leak or is there a problem with the water pump?

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