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Replacing The Power Steering Reservoir On A 159 or Brera.

The valve in the power steering tank that slows the rate of the returning oil lifts out of place over time, this allows the oil to spray like a jet causing cavitation (air in the oil). The frothy oil then travels into the steering rack causing the steering to whine and feel notchy. This 'How To' is based on the 159 1.9 Mjet


You can BOOK your car in or just look for a QUOTE for this repair on the 159 or Brera/Spider

Undo the x3 13mm nuts securing the power steering reservoir.

Unclip the x2 crimp clips.

When you pull the hoses off the tank will leak oil.... if you're quick you can pop off the caps from the new tank and use them.

Connect the new tank up, pour in the recommended power steering oil (it's listed on a sticker on the underside of the bonnet) and do up the cap.

Start your motor and turn the steering wheel a few times.

Check the level and top up if necessary.