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Removing The Turbo On An Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 2.0 Diesel

We found out that it's easier to remove the turbo if you disconnect and push aside the inter cooler hose from the turbo early on.
This 'How To' is based on the 159.

Undo the 10mm engine cover bolts.

The x3 bolts on the top heat shield are also 10mm....

....and so are the x2 underneath. There's a 10mm nut and bolt left to remove on the front of the heat shield.

Unclip the lambda terminal then unplug the lambda sensor and the exhaust gas temperature sensor next to it.

As you remove the heat shield retrieve the lambda sensor through it's hole.

Undo all the connecting points to the turbo inlet pipe and remove.

Undo the x3 10mm bolts to the injector rail...

....and unplug all of the injectors (this gives you access to the oil feed hose).

Undo the x2 T45 screws to the oil feed hose.

The inter cooler hose is held on by x2 5mm allen bolts.

Remove all of the undertray fittings.

Undo the x2 DPF 16mm bolts.

There's x2 13mm nuts to the front exhaust bracket.

Undo the 10mm bolt to the turbo inter cooler hose bracket...

...and pull the hose down as shown.

You should now have enough room to access the 15mm turbo oil return pipe.

Undo the 16mm nut to the turbo V clamp.

All that's left to unbolt is the x2 11mm nuts to the bottom of the turbo...

...and the 11mm nut on top.

Pull off the hose to the regulator...

...and unplug the sensor.

You'll need to prise the V clamp apart and jiggle the turbo before it'll come free.

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