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Removing The Gearbox From An Alfa 4C

The gearbox can't be removed in situ so the engine needs to be hoisted out. To access the engine both side wings, boot lid and boot first need to do a disappearing act. This particular 4C has already clocked 70,000 miles, is driven in all kinds of conditions and when it's not having it's neck wrung lives the rest of it's days chained OUTSIDE it's roost. While the engine's out it would be a practical time to replace the cam belt. This is a 'rough' version of a 'How To', not so much of how to take something off but what to take off.

Remove the rear tail light in the boot lid, unplug it then take off the boot lid.

Remove the engine cover.

Unclip the intercooler hose, disconnect the battery then remove it and it's tray.

Take off the side trims to the boot.

Pop out the boot plastic button fixings.

Prise the clip holding the boot prop and extract the prop.

Remove the plastic bath tub in the back.

Disconnect and remove the coolant tank....

....then both the coolant and battery support plates.

Unbolt the brace bar.

Undo the x2 bolts to the plastic surround of the petrol filler neck, remove and undo the third bolt that was underneath.

Take off the under tray....

....the rear wheels....

....and the wheel arch liners.

Remove both the wings.

Split the rear wishbones from the pillars.

Take out both drives shafts.

Disconnect the ECU and wiring looms as you go... well as any hoses and lines.

Take off the auxiliary belt and unbolt the air con pump.

Unbolt the exhaust...

...and the bottom engine mount.

Support the engine and unbolt the right hand engine mount...

....and the left hand.

Undo the x2 bolts in the left side chassis.

Hoist the baby out!

Unbolt the gearbox and take it off.

Now the clutch is exposed.

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