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Changing The Oil & Oil Filter On An Alfa Giulia 2.2 Diesel

The Giulia 2.2 diesel model no longer represents the good old fashioned dipstick, so to check the oil level you need to access the digital display screen on the console.
SELENIA WR Forward oil (0w-20) SP23023
Oil filter 71779389
Sump plug washer 55196309

Undo the x19 T30 (TORX) screws to the undertray.

At the back corner of the undertray where two other covers cross over (we chose the left hand side) undo x2 more T30 screws.... that you can bend the coverings to release the corner of the undertray which will enable you to pull the undertray free.

Undo the 13mm sump plug....

....and drain the oil into a suitable waste container.

The oil filter housing is a little harder to get to, use a 32mm ring spanner.

Replace the old sump plug washer with a new one and screw the sump plug back in the sump.

Pull the old oil filter from the housing and take off the O-ring seal.

Replace them both and fit the housing back on the engine. Refit the undertray.

Unscrew the oil filler cap and pour in about 4.4 litres of the recommended oil, then replace the filler cap.

Go to the digital display screen on the console to view the oil level gauge under 'car status' then follow the instructions. The measurement of oil between the two markers is 1 litre.

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