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Removing The Electronic Steering Column On A MiTo

To replace the steering column the steering wheel, ignition barrel and cowling needs removing. You will also need two ignition switch sheer screws.

Electronic steering column 50553945 and sheer screws 51927074.


If you would like to BOOK yourself in the price of this repair on a MiTo (with VDC) in our workshop is £886.00

These are the tools used to release the air bag clips.

Slide the flat blade end of the tools into the small holes either side of the steering wheel so that they stick out at 90 degrees (like handlebars). Rotate them both 90 degrees forwards (left side clockwise, right side anti clockwise).

As you rotate the tools they release the spring clips and the air bag will lift slightly, you then work the air bag out by hand (this can be quite time consuming to get it right).

Unplug the connector to the horn...

...the x2 to the air bag....

....and the steering wheel controls.

Remove the rubber bung covering the 24mm steering nut and undo.

When you put the steering back together the dot on the steering column needs to be in line with the line on the steering wheel.

As you remove the steering wheel feed the wiring through the back.

Drop the flap to the diagnostic plug and unclip the whole shroud.

There's x7 3mm Allen screws to the steering column cowling.

This model has a cruise control blanking cover that needs prising out.

Remove the lower cowling.

Either side of the 'clock Spring' (squib) is a 3mm Allen screw to the top cowling.

Unclip the curtain rail from the dashboard and remove the top cowling.

Undo the 5mm Allen bolt securing the control stalks.

Unplug the x2 connectors.

Remove the control stalks (there's a small locating lug on the top of the column that the stalks have to slide over).

The ignition switch has x2 sheer screws which need to be worked round with a chisel and hammer.
Make sure the steering lock is OFF before removing the ignition switch.

There's a T25 screw at the side of the lower air bag...

....and x2 5mm Allen bolts underneath.

To remove the lower air bag disconnect the plug and the cable harness.

Unplug the x2 connectors to the steering column.

Undo the T25 screw to remove the plastic foot vent.

Unscrew the x2 T25 to the diagnostic shroud bracket.

At the back of the electronic steering column are x2 13mm bolts.

The only thing left holding up the steering column are x2 more 13mm bolts.

Undo the 13mm bolt to the universal joint.

Remove the electronic steering column.

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