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Replacing The Right Side Window Regulator On A MiTo

When replacing the window regulator the doors waterproof membrane needs to be carefully cut away so that it can be sealed up again when the jobs done.

Window regulator 51983414

WORKSHOP TIME 1hr 30mins

If you would like to BOOK yourself in, the price of this service in our workshop for the RIGHT side is £282.00 and the LEFT £282.00.

Using a plastic 'trim removal tool' prise off the cover to the interior pull to handle.

There's also a cover to remove by the door release handle.

Undo the 5mm Allen bolt... both handles.

Unscrew the x2 Phillips screws at the side of the door card.

Pop out the puddle light...

...and disconnect it.

Prise off the wing mirror mounting cover.

Pull the door card off of it's push clip fixings (there's still the door release cable and window switch wire connected).

Unhook the door release cable.

Disconnect the window switch and take away the door card.

Carefully cut away the doors membrane along the seal across the top and down both sides.

Unfortunately someone else had got there before us on this model and cut the centre out.

Disconnect the plug to the window regulators motor.

On LATER window regulators there's x2 T30 bolts holding the window in place on the sliders.

On EARLY window regulators you have x2 disc screws instead but they're located ON THE BACK of the sliders. Remove the door window glass.

Unbolt the x3 10mm nuts to the motor...

....and the x4 to the slider rails at either side (x2 top and x2 bottom).

Remove the window regulator through the centre hole of the door.

This is the position the regulator sits inside the door.

On the new window regulator do up the nuts on the motor first, the left side slider rail second and then the right side rail. Drop the glass in and screw up the x2 T30 locating bolts.

Plug the connector back into the motor and shut the door. Check the windows gap is about the same as the gap on the left door and of even width.

Adjust the window by loosening the T30 bolts and moving the glass until you find the right position.

Put the membrane back in place using tape to help hold it.
If the membrane is missing replace it with something suitable and use sealant to seal and tape to hold in place.

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