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Oil & Oil Filter Replacement On An Alfa Giulia 2.0 Litre

The oil level on the Giulia 2.0 is displayed on the digital display screen in the centre console and in order to reset the service interval your car will need to be plugged into an examiner.
Selenia Digitek Pure Energy engine oil (SAE 0W-30) 13893701
Oil filter 50048919

Undo the x19 T30 (TORX) screws to remove the undertray.

The sump plug is 13mm and needs to be turned anti clockwise.

Drain the oil into a suitable waste container.

Check that the rubber seal on the sump plug is not perished or cracked, if so renew the sump plug before fitting.

Using a strap wrench undo the oil filter and drain the rest of the oil.

Smear clean engine oil over the surface of the seal on the oil filter.

When replacing the oil filter it should be hand tight (if unsure then check the specific torque setting and apply with the correct tool).

Most of the fixings on the undertray are captive nuts so copper slip the screws when refitting.

Unscrew the oil filler cap... up with about 5.2 litres of the recommended engine oil and replace the filler cap.

Briefly start the ignition...

....and refer to the instructions on the digital display screen in the centre console for an update on the oil level then top up if needed (the distance between the two markers indicates 1 litre).

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