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Replacing The Oil & Oil Filter On A Giulietta 2.0 JTDM.

Parts required are oil filter 71754237, sump plug washer 55196309 and oil 14125015.












If you would like to book yourself in, the price for this service in our workshop is £95.02

Remove all the 10mm bolts, T27 (TORX) and Phillips screws to the two part undertray.

Undo the 13mm sump plug....

....and drain the oil into a suitable waste container.

Undo the x2 T30 screws, x1 10mm nut and x1 Philips screw to the right hand wheel arch side cover.

You now have access to the oil filter. Partially undo the oil filter plastic housing with a 32mm ring spanner so that the oil spills slowly....

.... as it tends to hit the sub frame and make a mess so use a scrap piece of card to funnel the oil. Once it's stopped leaking remove the housing and filter.

Replace the sump plug using a new washer.

Replace the old oil seal on the housing....

....push in the new oil filterPar and screw on the housing.

Fill up with 4.5 litres of 'Selenia Pure Energy Wide Range Oil 5W/30'.

Start the engine briefly to circulate the oil then check the level on the dip stick and top up if required.

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