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Replacing The Front Wiper Motor And Linkage On An Alfa MiTo

The current wiper motor with linkage is part number 50539795. If you need new wiper blades try 50508586 and 50539273.








If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this repair in our workshop is £286.00

Raise the bonnet, take off the the wiper nut covers and undo the nuts with a 13mm spanner.

Remove the skuttle front trim and pop off the foam pads.

Unscrew the three skuttle screws.

Release the two skuttle push fixings near either end (underneath) by lifting the front edge up then pull the skuttle out.

Undo the two 10mm securing bolts on the wiper linkage.

Unclip the power conector and fully remove the wiper linkage.

Replace the new unit, first plug in the connector then locate the lug on the motor into the large rubber grommet. Now put it all back together.

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