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Changing The Oil & Oil Filter On A MiTo 0.9 Turbo (105hp)

EURO 5 models (85hp) use Selenia STAR Pure Energy oil 5W/40 14133701. For the 105hp model the oil is Selenia Digitek Pure Energy 0W-30 13893701, oil filter 55224598 and sump plug washer 10261060







If you would like to book yourself in, the price of this service in our workshop is £98.30

Remove the x11 Phillips screws to the under tray.

Undo the 17mm sump plug.

Drain the oil into a suitable waste container (take care as the oil will spray when it hits the bar).

Replace the sump plug using a new sump plug washer.

Undo the oil filter housing with a 24mm socket.

Remove the housing and filter.

Pull out the old oil filter.

Replace the oil seal...

....and the filter. You'll notice that there is a lug on top of the filter with a small seal...

...which locates in the recess of the housing before you screw it back in.

Undo the oil filler cap and fill up with 3.3 litres of Selenia Digitek Pure Energy 0W-30 engine oil.

Put the filler cap back on, briefly start the engine then check the level on the dipstick and top up if required.

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