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Dismantling The Front Bumper From A MiTo 1.4 Multiair Turbo

You need to remove the bumper if you're going to replace the radiator, headlight or if you just need to gain access to another part.

Undo the nine undertray screws,

and the four T30 (Torx) screws underneath the front bumper.

Undo the screws at either end,

the three screws up the inside of the wheel arch lining,

and the the top T30 screw to the front wing on both sides of the bumper.

Pull both corners off of the clips.

Undo the four T30 screws along the top of the bumper.

Now support the bumper as you pull it forward to unclip the fog light connectors and it's free.

To remove a headlight undo the 10mm bolt on the side wing,

the one on the bumper support,

and the top one.

Pull out the retaining plastic pin,

and disconnect the connector at the back of the unit. If you're taking out the radiator then remove both headlamps.

If you now want to carry on and remove the radiator please go to 'Removing The Radiator From A MiTo 1.4 Multiair TB'.

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